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Ever seen an angel? You’re looking at one.

Just a note from Jim Likens

   I was sitting at home working on a web page when the phone rang.
   “Are you the guy who wrote “Warriors of the Flames?” the growling voice said on the other end of the phone asked.
   “Yes,” I answered. Suddenly, I heard the final chorus of the song begin.
   “This is Smash, hold on I’m going to interview you.”
   I was put on hold and listened to the last two lines of the song. 

   As the final note faded, Smash described the song as a “masterpiece” and told his audience how the CD had somehow shown up on his desk and he had the composer on the phone. 
   “Wow!” I thought to myself. “It’s only taken 53 years to become a “limited overnight success.”
   Smash talked with me for five minutes about how I wrote the song, why I wrote it, who I was and if we could come in and do the song live sometime. 
   My first thought was to say, “You know Smash, I really appreciate this but I have to clean out my drains and I don’t think I’ll be able to get in.” Just goes to show you, never trust your first impression.
   When he finished the interview, I gave him Chris Bergmann’s phone number and asked Smash that if he was going to play the song again, to call Chris and talk with him. He told me that he was going to play it again in an hour.
   I immediately called Chris and told him what happened. “Get outta here,” Chris said. An hour later Chris was on the air. He spent most of the time talking about what a great human being and songwriter I was. Chris is so humble. “NOT!” 
   As Smash played the song, the hits on the web site soared. As a result of Smash giving the song airplay, we were able to develop a program with the local Borders Bookstores where they would place the Warrior CD and Video in their stores and help in raising funds for the families of the fallen firefighters.
   One afternoon, I took Smash a copy of the poster we are displaying in Borders. I told him, “Smash, you’re like an angel.” And that’s just what he’s been, a true angel, a messenger of this tribute to firefighters.(The word angel comes from the Greek word anggelos which means messenger.) Behind that gruff and growly voice is the true heart of a very dear man who cares deeply for others. He is also big enough to give the “little guys” of the world a big chance.
   I just want to thank God for my gifts, Chris for his unbelievable performance and Smash for playing our song. I invite you to join us in giving tribute to the “Warriors of the Flames.”

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